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Uniquely designed by Cemer, the Tetrawood will be sure to thrill climbers of all ages, as they navigate through a structure never seen before!

With five access points, users can choose to conquer the Tetrawood and climb to the very top or chill out with their friends on the pod below.

Best described as unstructured play, this new piece of equipment has no defined entry and exit points or pre-defined ways in which the equipment should be used. Unstructured play allows users to make their own decisions about how they would like to use the equipment, which is generally determined by users’ own personal confidence and physical ability levels. As each individual user develops both physically and emotionally throughout the year, the way in which the equipment is used also develops and changes.

Nightcliff Foreshore Exercise Stations

In conjunction with our NT distributor, Hardy Landscaping, we are proud to have recently delivered a series of 6 Fitness Stations along the beautiful Nightcliff Foreshore, in Darwin.

Featuring our premium Denfit fitness equipment, these stations encourage the local community to get fit, with their attractive and-to-use designs.

Austek Play offers a complete range of outdoor static, dynamic and calisthenic fitness equipment – our Denfit equipment is vandal resistant and each unit has a fresh and modern design.

Nightcliff Foreshore features exercise stations spread along Casuarina Drive between Sunset Park and the Rapid Creek footbridge. The stations are close to toilets, BBQs, water bubblers, shared paths and parking.


Think beyond accessibility needs, so everyone can experience the joys of play.

Inclusivity means giving everyone the chance to play, whether they have learning disabilities, visual or physical impairments or other conditions. This could mean designing for step-free access, proving areas of shelter and shade, or even providing spaces for service animals. Whatever your needs and constraints, Austek Play can work with you to maximise the inclusive value of your play space.

Austek Play is proud to be fully committed to providing play areas which can be enjoyed by all. Our most popular products for inclusive play provide a rich range of physical, sensory and social play values.

Click here to view our range of Inclusive equipment.

Themed play equipment ignites children’s imagination!

Austek Play offers an expansive range of fully customisable themed-play equipment,  bringing your playground to life! From Sea to Space, here’s a quick snapshot of what themed playground options we offer. Our custom themed playgrounds encourage social interaction and children to use their imagination and nurture their curiosity while supporting sensory development. Click here to view our range.


With the two levels of difficulty featured in all our obstacles, adults and children can take part, practice, improve their skills and ultimately compete with a friend.

  • Each obstacle offers two colour coded tracks: the red track offers a higher level of difficulty and the green track provides an easier route.
  • 4 different combinations as standard: from small to extra-large, choose the size that suits you.
  • 15 standard obstacles: from crawling, swinging and climbing to jumping and balancing, choose the obstacles you want and create your own track.
  • Part of a modular system: can be integrated into the existing NRG+ system, which is coming later in the year.


Feature Playground

The Nature Based Playground at Bundaberg Botanic Gardens is an iconic destination parkland, appealing to users of all abilities and ages. In close collaboration with Council, Austek Play created an innovative and considered space that is complimentary to the natural setting, with the layout deliberately designed to incorporate inclusivity and accessibility.

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