Walking Bridge Bars


Experience the versatility of our Walking Bridge Bars equipment, offering flexible installation options as a standalone feature or seamlessly integrated into an outdoor fitness circuit within a fitness park. Specifically tailored for seniors, the Walking Bridge Bars from our renowned Basix range elevate any fitness park setup, offering a comprehensive area of movement spanning 22.9 m² and a safe free height of fall at 0 mm.

Available in an array of captivating colours, these bars can be installed either above ground or anchored into the earth, with optional extras like stainless steel, uncoated hot zinc, or dipped galvanized steel for added durability.

Explore the complete Basix range here, where innovation meets functionality.

Witness our expertise firsthand through our collaboration with the City of Darwin, where the Basix range seamlessly enhances a fitness park, promoting healthy outdoor activities for all ages and abilities.

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Empower your community’s health and wellness with Austek Play’s innovative playground and fitness equipment options. Our mission is to motivate individuals of all ages and abilities to embrace outdoor activities and promote an active lifestyle.

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